In-Line Slip Filters


About The Filter Assembly

This aluminum filtration assembly can be mounted in-line with the slip delivery system during tape casting to remove any defect generating agglomerates, etc.. The assembly is designed to hold one or two filter cloths which are held in place by a gasket. The entire assembly is compact, lightweight and resistant to solvents.
Easily disassembled for cleaning and filter cloth changing. Lightweight aluminum construction. Eight inch diameter (203.2 mm), less than 10 pounds (4.54 Kg). Comes with either a Viton or PVA gasket depending on the solvents to be used.
For laboratory use, the 'Small Filter' has a smaller internal cavity and is useful for processing smaller volumes of slip.

See published results of this filter by reading:

"Filter for Ceramic Slips", Bull. American Ceramic Society, 55(2) 213 (1976)

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