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Tape Casting is a useful tool when done with a good slip formulation.

 A Tape Casting formulation is a multi-component slurry formula with inhibiting, prohibiting, promoting, and time-dependent chemical interactions. There are few, if any, standard recipes that provide all of the necessary or desired tape properties for any powder. 

If you are already casting but need troubleshooting, aid through scale-up or general process consulting, we can bring decades of tape casting experience to your process. 

Good and knowledgeable personnel make all the difference! At Tape Casting Warehouse, Inc. our personnel cast dozens of materials, dozens of thicknesses for dozens of downstream processes and applications. The focus of our supply is helping our customers understand why things happen. This allows us (and you) to quickly solve most problems that occur and hopefully avoid them altogether.

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Since the inception of the “Modern Ceramics Era,” usually defined as during or slightly after World War II, there have…